Smart Governance Public Services are Offered Transforming the Ways

The disruptive technology sets a goal for the governments to focus on how they can harness the powers of digital innovation, plan ahead of the curve to face the universal challenges humanity is facing.

Advances in technology, digitization, futurism and AI are opening new ways to build the platforms that work as leadership platforms, networking hubs, policymakers experts and pioneers in human development.

At Uworx, we build customised software with innovative solutions to maintain governmental statistics, resources management, community services, transportation and administration with the help of more advanced digital strategies, agile and transparent software solutions.


We help our customers in several ways:

  • Blockchain for transparent mapping of data flows
  • Developing smart cities using cutting edge technologies such as IoT
  • Working with district governments closely to solve public safety issues
  • Using advances in navigation systems to help manage the transportation system